Earning money on the site through advertising

Each site owner wants to make good money on his Internet resource. An important engine, of course, is traffic and the more visited a site is, the more money it can earn earnings.

The financial success of the project mainly depends on the chosen niche, as well as the topic in which you understand the best.

Рекламная сеть по заработку на CPM рекламе

In this article, we will make money on an information site by sharing useful information with the audience by placing advertisements. There is the best advertising network for publishers that allows you to monetize any traffic of desktop / mobile Internet sites, social networks / mobile applications bypassing AdBlock – this means that if users have ad blockers, they will still be shown ads. If you have your own internet site in any niche – auto, online games, dating sites, casinos and so on, you can make money on online advertising by joining the popular Adsterra advertising network for publishers with high CPMs, as many webmasters have already done. Research earnings

Starting to work with the Adsterra advertising network, you must register with a confirmation mail, add a site in the “Websites” section and wait for approval, then click “Add code” a window with ad blocks will open, select the appropriate ones and place them on your site.

An important parting word: the more ads you allow, the higher your CPM will be. If you change your mind, you can always change the ad resolution by clicking on the “Edit” button. The “Statistics” button shows the statistics of the most winning ad units on the site.

The support service responds quickly, you can contact them for any questions that arise. But do not forget all communication in this advertising network is conducted in English, you do not know English Google translator to help you. Budget gaming pc

Payments to Adsterra every 2 weeks, provided that the minimum amount for payment has been collected. If you do not have time, it is transferred to the next time. You do not need to order special payments, they automatically come to your wallet. But they have different minimum amounts and commissions, respectively.

Many people complain that they cannot receive money, so that this does not happen, fill out your “Profile” very carefully! Firstly, it is filled in in English, and secondly, the home address must be complete. We write Moscow according to the structure of the American address. For example, if you live in Moscow, then we write according to the structure first the house, building, apartment, street, city, index. Write wrong, you won’t get money!

Register in the Adsterra advertising network and earn decent money!

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