How to choose the right domain

Before putting on WordPress hosting, you must first register a domain by choosing a name that suits us. Our task is to register a website domain. In order to register it, first of all, you need to check whether it is free. What is the correct name? Let’s give an example:

Topic: Money and we have website Easy money on the website –

To check if the domain is free, go to the service and in the Main word field, write money, an additional gid and click the select domain button. We have a variant of the theme money, and we add:

  • moimoney

And you will see all the variations of free domain names. In the .ru zone, it is the most affordable and the most popular one. We do all this on the service .

The simplest thing is to take the word that makes up your topic money, it will be,, and so on. Or – 2 variations, then,

Name check in multiple zones

Choose a free domain from the list, free and which you like best.

But we will not register it here, but on the hosting, we will consider it in the next article.

Choose the name that resonates with you the most.

I like and then go to the Web Archive – Internet Archive: Wayback Machine .

We need this Web Archive in order to check the history of the site, i.e. whether the domain was therefore another site. If there was, then the name does not fit. Therefore, our task is to use the Web Archive service to check whether the site has ever been there. To do this, copy the name of the website, go to the Web Archive service and paste it into the http: // field and press Enter.

Web Archive

The search showed that there was a site, and this does not suit us. We are looking for a domain until there are no records for it.

Web Archive

IMPORTANT: The task is to check if there is a story for the selected title. If there is no story, it fits! If there is, try another name. Search until there is no history by title. Because names should be registered that have no history.

In order not to understand the site later, whether there will be problems from it – it’s worth a lot. Therefore, find the title that has no history through the Web Archive.

And in the next article we will consider hosting for installing a website.

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