How to make money in the AdvertApp application

Today, making money while at home, lying on the couch, can absolutely any person would desire. As you already understood, the article will focus on making money in the AdvertApp mobile application. Surely everyone is interested in how much this application pays and whether it pays at all. Yes, the app pays! The cost of execution depends on your quickness and complexity of tasks. During the day, new applications appear that need to be installed on your smartphone, they managed to “grab” it, it means that they have earned it, they didn’t have time to guess. The installation fee is small, tasks with instructions are well paid, for example, get a card of a bank, but not being its client, fill out a full survey, apply for a part-time job with confirmation, get a loan on a card, complete a test the first time, and much more …

In addition to installation, some applications require a 5 * rating, so in the Play Store for Android you need to add a Google account and link it to AdvertApp in the “Profile” section, otherwise you won’t be able to put it. Quests without activity disappear.

There are also regular contests in the VK group, by making a repost you can win a cash prize! Research earnings

Funds are withdrawn to the Mobile account instantly without long waiting, provided that at least 1 order is completed completely regardless of the task – the downloaded application, the completed survey, the receipt of cards, and so on.

The history of completed orders can be viewed in the “History” section.

AdvertApp offers additional opportunities for earning those authorized through Vkontakte, namely a welcome bonus of 2 rubles, more tasks for your city, unique tasks and paid surveys .

In the “Support” section, you can confirm the device, create a request, view the help.

In the AdvertApp, you can get prizes for weekly and monthly rankings. Prizes of 25 rubles each are received by the Top 100 users of the week and 50 rubles a month, respectively. Results on Mondays and the first days of the new month!

Install attachment AdvertApp and earn decent money. All in your hands!

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