Research earnings

Research is another way to make money without investment, which is preferred by most Internet users, because it is always pleasant to receive prizes by sharing your opinion and helping brands in development for a reward – making money on research. Research earnings

More than 3 million members have joined the i-Say community, who undergo online research and receive points, exchanging them for various prizes, and also participate in competitions. You just need to collect a certain number of points and choose a prize that suits your preferences. Most studies give 5-250 points, and in rare cases can reach 500-600 points for 1 study. They accumulate quickly, inviting an average of four studies per month.

Studies come to the mail indicated during registration, in some cases they may not come – you should take into account and visit the panel more often.

To take part, you need to: register and fill out a participant’s questionnaire on the basis of which you will receive research. Important: when registering and filling out the questionnaire, indicate real data, otherwise you will not see money for completing the research.

How to work with the i-Say panel, watch the video

The i-Say panel conducts a bonus quest for new participants, after completing which you can get 100 points. A bonus of 60 points is given for 3, 6 months and 1 year membership anniversaries. Later, you will still continue to receive the 60 i-Say Points bonus on your anniversary membership each year.

After completing the bonus quest of 10 i-Say studies and staying to continue working with the panel, new contests for points may appear in the future.

To get acquainted with your progress in the bonus quest and see the list of additional rewards, you need to log into your account, go down to the very bottom and click on the “i-Say Bonus Quest” link.

To earn i-Say Points, you must be an active member for at least 14 days. If you become a Research Champion earlier, bonus points will be credited after 14 days of your membership.

Join the i-Say community и зарабатывайте реальные деньги не выходя из дома!

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