Earnings on the CashBox exchanges

The CashBox service is a platform for earning money without investment. With its help, with minimal effort and time, you can easily complete the task and get paid for it. All you need is Internet access and a desire to make money. CashBox is reliable and pays on time, and now it has no commission when withdrawing funds. The principle of earning on the CashBox exchanges is the same as earned, received so much. Tasks to the eyeballs, different in degree of complexity and payment Earnings on the CashBox exchanges.

Arbitrary tasks

CashBox makes money as follows:

  • By connecting the social networks VKontakte, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Coub, Odnoklassniki, Tiktok, in the “Tasks” section, then “Social networks” and after the timer expires, tasks will appear such as subscribe, like, repost, publish the finished post.
  • In the “Custom” section, you can complete a Facebook task – like, react to a post, subscribe to a group or share a post. Write reviews, or publish ready-made ones, go to the site, register gmail mail, subscribe to the Cart, install the application, register on the site, vote for the participant and much more.
  • In the section “Views” order transitions to the site.
  • To install applications, use the “Applications” section.
  • The “Polls” section is rarely in demand among advertisers, mostly they are published in arbitrary tasks.

Funds are withdrawn to WebMoney – WMR / WMP, Z wallets. Those who do not have it, you need to start, there are no other ways to withdraw funds.

Switch to the сервис CashBox service and earn!

CashBox owners are constantly improving their service, offering proven ways to make good money for everyone!

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