How to make money on traffic arbitrage with an empty pocket

Currently, with the development of information technology, everyone thinks about making money on the Internet, preferably without investments. In this article we will talk about traffic arbitrage, of course, for beginners, you will not need money to invest in traffic, you will need to invest your time.

We will use the Instagram social network as a source of traffic, it is easier for beginners to get traffic there. This article will focus on the scheme of actually free traffic from Instagram. To implement the scheme, you will need only 10 rubles to start and earn your first money, if you like it, you can develop and scale this scheme endlessly over time. Research earnings

First, you need to copy the link that we will post on Instagram so that people follow it, and we receive money for this. Earnings on the box

For beginners with no work experience, the Traforce affiliate program is suitable from it.You can start and receive money specifically here, register, confirm your mail, choose absolutely any offer with payment for push, that is, it should be the USA, Europe for the most part. If you are too lazy to choose, then just go to the regular Smartlink, copy the link and everyone who follows this link will receive money if they register on the dating site using it.

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In order to secure the link on Instagram, you need to create an additional multi-link, as a spacer so as not to be quickly blocked, it is advisable to create a separate Instagram. I recommend choosing, but you can choose any other project.

Free multichannel for Instagram and TikTok (

If you liked the site, register, go to your personal account, select “Multilink” in the left menu, go down below and there will be a line where you can add various elements. Added “Avatar” from the “Pictures and Videos” section and 2 blocks of links from the “Other elements” section.

After you have completed everything, click the “Set link” button located in the upper right corner.

After clicking on the link, he will be asked to select the button “Make money on traffic”, or “Advertising of goods”, depending on who will enter the webmaster, or the advertiser. It’s that simple! Then you need to make an additional redirect, also for security reasons, because Instagram doesn’t really like all these links.

To make a redirect, go to the root folder “File Manager” on the hosting, then select the public_html – index folder and place the multilink

<script type=”text/javescript”>



In the line site, delete the site and insert the link created earlier. We save. Now the site is saved, it is under a multi-link and even with a redirect – double protection of our link on Instagram, so as not to be banned.

We will use a bot, so immediately create 2-3 Instagram accounts so as not to buy additional proxies. If you plan to scale this scheme, then you will need to buy mobile proxies, the cost is from 500 rubles, so that you can use 30 Instagram accounts at the same time.

Paste the created link in the “Settings” section in the Instagram website field. Experiment with 2-3 accounts and see what happens.

Now you need to automate these actions by configuring the bot so that the scheme is semi-passive. Now a free bot for Instagram is the best solution, completely free functionality is provided by this bot- BlyaBot – pervonah for Instagram | – traffic arbitrage . It can be saved to Yandex disk, and then downloaded, it is not downloaded directly.

In terms of functionality, it is an ordinary first one, it is according to your subscriptions, that is, you subscribe conditionally to thematic channels, where girls post their photos, which have many subscribers. The girl uploads the first photo and under this photo you instantly post your comment. And I want to meet a guy. And everyone who visits this photo will be among the first to see the comment and follow it and follow your link. This is how the whole scheme works. For this, you need to create several Instagram accounts. The breaks between comments are 5-6 hours, otherwise Instagram will be banned after 3 hours.

How to set up a bot?

After downloading it from Yandex Disk, open the folder, select the file with the Instagram icon and click the “Add accounts” button. In the field “List of accounts” enter the login: password, press the button “Confirm”.

To start the task, press the “Start task” button. In the “Maximum number of actions” field, put 1 comment and click on the “Load text” button. Select a special folder called “Text”. We write different texts in English.

Working scheme. Try, experiment and you will succeed. Everything is easy and without investment. All success and big earnings!

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